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Who We are

twins-blue-whiteAashana and Sonalia AKA SonAash Sisters fused in Dance have been dancing for the past 13 years and at the ages of 18 and 19 have made amazing progress to date. They were gold medalists at Manchester Youth Games 2007 and stars of c-beebies, they have supported in excess of 100 charities. They have performed and wowed an audience of 2000 at the Atif Aslam concert 2012 which they emulated by sharing the stage with the one and only Shah Rukh Khan where they performed an exhilarating time lined melody.

Sonaash made their international debut in Germany at Faraz Khans launch venue in Stuttgart in June 2012. And later in the year will be appearing in the Shah Rukh Khan Musical Tour in December 2012 but not before appearing as the guest artists in Switzerland for the Swiss Miss India Finals and are currently being sought to perform at other International Venues.

These globe-trotting sisters began their journey in Bharatanatyam under the expert tuition of Deepa Ganesh Ji who nurtured them from the tender ages of 4 and 5. Since 2007 SonAash have also been learning Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance forms.

SonAash moved on in 2010 from deepa Ji and took up tuition at the Bhartya Vidya Bhavan under Prajyoti Madhusan Ji who has taken them to the next level in Bhratanatyam. This prompted SonAash to explore a divergence into Bollywood under the tuition of Shilpa Joy for the past 9 months which has now culminated in SonAash fusing all these dance forms when required yet maintaining throughout their performances the traditional dance form moves which have been wowing audiences across the U.K and Europe.

The sisters broadened their dance horizons when they were asked to audition for the Company Fierce Dance Academy by the CFA Director who acknowledged their talents when he presented them with the gold medal at the Manchester Youth Games 2007. Now with Bharatanatyam plus Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance forms, the sisters continued their growth within the dance industry.

2010 saw a dramatic decision made as they left Deepa Ji and CFA, taking up with Prajyoti Ji at Bhartya Vidya Bhavan. Prajyoti ji , a well re-knowned exponent of Bharatnatayam brought Sonaash to new level of confidence with Fusion. This fusion resulted in Sonaash taking to the stage at Desi 6 in 2012 performing a Bollywood medley. It was here that they were spotted by ex bolly-flex dancer Shilpa Joy who has taken over their choreography for Bollywood and Sonaash have since not had time to look back as their dance careers began to explode at a mind blowing pace, seeing them perform with Atif Aslam quickly followed by their International debut in Stuttgart, Germany June 30th 2012.

Sonaash were the stars at the Oldham mela where 30,000 people watched their amazing performances, Longsight mela, Warrington mela and Manchester mela were dazzled by their fantastic dances and  inextricable beauty. They have since been cast in the Faraz Khan Production of the Shah Rukh Khan musical. A tour which is starting in Germany in December 2012. They will be in Holland in February 2013 performing at the Milan festival while in between these dates they are virtually fully booked to perform at various venues across the North West where they have to date supported in excess of 150 charitable organisations. Sonaash are currently waiting to hear if their recent auditions have landed them roles in a movie which is to be shot in Manchester in the New Year.

SonAash blew away the audiences at the Manchester, Warrington and Oldham Melas where audiences witnessed a fusion of Bollywood and Classical with further performances in both in their strict undiluted forms showcasing their amazing versatility!

What They Say


sonaliaCurrently I have been elected by the teaching staff of Wright Robinson to be a sports leader and young leader. I am on the gifted and talented programme. I was selected along with 5 other students out of a possible 300+ by the science department to see the scientist Brian Cox at Manchester University. In my first year at Wright Robinson 2009-2013 year 9, I won awards for 100% attendance, form prize, outstanding achievement in art, outstanding achievement in ICT, the curriculum co-ordinators award and the overall outstanding achievement award for year 9. I have also been chosen to study the triple science GCSE and sit the exam early along with 20 other students out of a possible 300+.

Outside of school I study and perform the classical Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam and have performed to audiences across the Northwest for the past 13years, I also learn and perform the Bollywood dance form. In 2009 I won the gold medal at Manchester youth games for dance and in 2010 I received the silver medal. I am also a member of Company Fierce Academy dance where I learn and perform Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance forms.

My chosen career path is to be within the medical field and I see this work experience opportunity as the ideal environment to enable a good insight into the working of the NHS which will assist me in consolidating my choosing a career in the medical field. Working with the Nurses and Doctors will allow me to see the pressures they work under as well as how the NHS works together to achievement first class patient care.

I am a hardworking, honest, trustworthy and reliable person. I work well on my own as well as within a team. I enjoy new challenges and opportunities to meet and work with different people. My excellent personal organisational skills have enabled me to balance my time with my education as well as my hobbies outside of school thus keeping me on track to be a high educational achiever.


AashanaIn 2009 part way through the academic year I transferred to a new school, the curriculum was some what different as they use different exam boards and I had to re-socialise into a New Year group as I did not know anyone at this school. Despite these challenges in 2009 I achieved: The Outstanding Achievement Award In History; Best dancer; 100% Attendance; Form Tutor Award.

2010 Outstanding Achievement Award, Best Dancer; Deputy Head-Girl Award, Work experience Award, 100% Attendance Award.

2011 Music Award; Best Dancer

I was selected from 1700 pupils to be the representative for the school advertisement on Key 103 for new enrolments plus the key role in the promotional DVD for the School.

I passed a rigorous 3 stage interview process to become 1 of 5 students in Manchester to be selected for the Greater Manchester police Work experience Pilot programme. I created a photo journal of the 2 week programme which I edited and applied music to. This was presented to the Chief Superintendent as a record of the 2 weeks, as a direct consequence of this, GMP are rolling out work experience programmes and have just announced a cadet programme which is closely linked to my school.

I am extremely proud of being Elected Deputy Head Girl as this is traditionally a role which is taken by students who have been at the school from year 7 onwards. The elections were made by the teaching staff.

I left school in 2012 having obtained 2A* 2A 4B 1C at GCSE Level. These results caused me to be ranked within the top 10 achievers of my year group which composed of 380 students.

Outside of school I study and perform the classical Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam and have performed to audiences across the Northwest for the past 10years with my sister, I also learn and perform the Bollywood dance form. In 2009 we won the gold medal at Manchester youth games for dance and in 2010 I received the silver medal. I was a member of Company Fierce Academy dance where I practised and performed Ballet, Contemporary and Street Dance forms.

My chosen career path will be either within the medical or legal field, to this end I have managed to secure a work experience opportunity within the NHS based at MRI. This is scheduled for July 2013 and only 13 applicants are successful for the opportunity out of the hundreds which apply. This will result in my making a definitive career decision thereafter as I will have the opportunity to work within many different spheres of the MRI ranging from Nursing to Surgical Procedures in the Theatre.

Outside of academia I have performed at hundreds of venues across the country as well as internationally. I can actually boast to sharing the stage with Atif Aslam at the Bridgewater Hall 2012 and the Great Shah Rukh Khan at 2 separate events, 1 in Manchester and 1 in Birmingham during 2012 and 2013 all of which we were invited to perform at. My sister and I as sonaash have supported hundreds of charities over the years raising £1000’s. We have been engaged in charity events for the past 13 years. I find the greatest buzz when we get to see the faces of the charitable organisers when they receive the totals raised.

A direct consequence of all the charitable work we have done as sisters is the Community Award we received as sonaash in March 2013. I hold this award dearly as it is a direct statement of our commitment to enhancing our communities through the medium of dance.

In 2012 I entered the Miss India UK Beauty pageant whereby I won the coveted title of Miss India Manchester 2013.

I enjoy working under pressure looking for new avenues within which to express dance. I play the pianoand have composed my own musical pieces and am currently looking forward to singing live at desi temptations 7 for the first time on April 6th with my sister. I keep a strict balance between academia and dance which has resulted in the form of maintaining high academic achievements whilst projecting my stage career forward.


What Others Say

BBC Northwest

bbc logo

SonAsh are a very skilled young dancers. I have seen them perform at the Asian Lite Awards ceremony and at other events where I have been filming. Knowing a thing or two about Asian Arts, as I cover the subject on our BBC radio programmes, the two sisters have mastered the dance styles of Bharatnatyam and Kathak they have very cleverly combined the two forms with contemporary Bollywood styles.

The sisters move in synch with grace and elegance to the music and it is that which captures the audiences attention taking them I’m sure to the imaginary world of that song. Being young performers I’m sure in years to come SonAsh will become a formidable dance duo.

Talat-Farooq Awan

Asian Lite Media

asian lite logo

Asain Lite media would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Sonalia Kaur and Aashana Devi Kaur (SonAash) for their support and contribution to Asian Lite events, this has included the opening performances at our annual awards ceremonies, entertainment at our Diwali, Eid and Christmas parties and entertainment at our networking events.

SonAash are sisters who have taken the South Asian entertainment industry by storm by their skills and levels of dancing. The two sisters who specialise in Bollywood dancing at a very young age have become the UK’s leading Bollywood dance pair and have traveled globally performing for celebrities, government officials, and high profile guests at events worldwide.

The girls were the leading dancers at the Asian Lite 2012 CelebrAsian Business Awards in Manchester and at the event entertained business people, families, sporting personalities, MPs and Members of the House of Lords.

Asian Lite team would like to wish both the young ladies the best of luck for the future and would highly recommend them cooperate, family and social events.

Kind Regards,
Nadia Ali
HR Manager & Events Coordinator

VB Media

“SonAash are a leading pair of dancers and a group I will recommend to anyone who is looking for Bollywood dancers for their corporate or commercial event.

“The girls are very mature and professional and I am delighted to say we’ve promoted them. If I ever need Bollywood dancers, I wouldn’t hesitate to give their manager a call and book the girls.”

SonAash were booked for the British Pakistani Achievement Awards 2012 in Manchester.

Irfan Ahmed
VB Media

Boom Box Events Management

I confirm that i have known Sonaash for two years.In that time i have booked Sonaash on numerous occassions Longsight Festival committee member. Festival committee member.namely Manchester Mega Mela,Longsight Festival aswell as many other events requiring a public dance performance.

In all the time i have known them,i have found them to be very dependable,reliable and peace loving.Sonaash are very friendly, smiley and happy go lucky.They are a pleasure to work with as they always bring with them a great sense of humour and a pleasant attitude.

I am happy to provide further information if required.

Yours faithfully

Abid Hussain

Director at Boom Box Events Management

Manchester Mega Mela committee member
Longsight Festival committee member

PS Events Management Ltd

ps events logo

As Managing Director of PS Events Management Ltd I am pleased to recommend the group known as SonaAash to you. I have known Sonalia Kaur and Aashana Devi Kaur for approximately just over 3 years whilst delivering security services for the following events:

Oldham Mega Mela 2009
Oldham Mega Mela 2010
Oldham Mega Mela 2012
Oldham peoples Carnival 2012
Manchester Mega Mela 2012
Longsight Chand Raat 2012
Atif Aslam Show 2012
Shah Rukh Khan Meet and Greet 2012
Desi Temptations 3, 4 and 5 between 2010 to 2012

Over the past few years we have been involved in many events and on a number of occasions apart from the above mentioned events we have found SonaAash to be a reliable, trustworthy and an all-round professional group who try their utmost to please the crowd and the event organisers.

I hope the above information is helpful, should you wish to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.


Mohammed Rahiem
Managing Director
PS Events Management Ltd

Kamil Malik

I have been in this industry for long time and meeting people from different departments of show business, there was a time when Asian( Indian and Pakistani ) cultures was about to vanished and people almost forgot what exactly our culture is all about, People are mixing our culture into hip hop, RNB etc. with bit of Pop touch and funny thing when we talk about cultural shows or event they cannot present 100% because organizers have no idea or sense about culture, when all is this happening all in sudden you guys (sonaash) showed up and it was so lovely to see you guys on the stage and you brought back the original Indian classical culture .

SoNaASH is only one group who is providing a good quality performances in the UK and in Europe as well. When I saw you first time on the stage i thought you little girls how you going to perform in front of 1000 people but you proved me wrong you guys were amazing and you try to give your 100%. i have been following you and supporting you since your first appearance on stage and never miss your single show specially in Bradford. Even today i saw your performance in Kala Sangham Bradford. your performances in Rio Grand Bradford, Nawaab Vanue, Master 20 piece orchestra event where you girls even injured yourself because of broken glass on stage but you continued and no one knew what happened on stage even you were bleeding which is appreciate able then chaand raat show in Bradford , you did this show for Muslim community for our Eid celebration and made crowed crazy,

Best Regards,
Kamil Malik

Photo Canvas 360

Being official photographer of SonAash Dancers its always a fun to work with them. Highly dedicated and motivated pair of young sisters. They have achieved lots of mile stones in a very short time and rapidly gained the fame by their stunning performances. I look forward to see them reaching new heights of fame and glory in the industry.

Numan Sindhu

Lockdown promotions

Lockdown are rated as one of the best events companies in the uk and when we say sonAash are amazing performers and nice people then apart from trusting our word the proof is if we didnt trust their talent would we put them on shows like
Desi temptstions 6
atif aslam in manchester
Shahrukh khan show twice
Oldham mela
And now shahrukh khan show in birmingham.

SonAsh are amazing!

Zeb Lockdown Naz

Lockdown promotions

Team Eventaz

Hey just wana say girls u were mindblowin at last nights chand raat event x our guests loved u just as much as we did and Thanku from team eventaz we can’t wait to have you as part of our next show.
much love

Naz Kauser

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