The thing people love about SonAash is that they are just two regular girls who grew up in a small house in Withington, and are completely fun loving, free spirited individuals. Aashana was born with an innate passion for dance, she came out of the womb with an ability to pick up a beat in seconds. She was barely 1-year-old when she would cry watching Bollywood fims and copy the dance moves from TV (without understanding a word of hindi), however Sonalia, had two left feet. Sonalia grew up watching Aashana take the spotlight, entertaining the family with her insane copying skills. Eventually, Sangeetha (the mother of SonAash) decided that living in the UK where Indian culture came far and few between, her girls had to hold onto some of their roots. That’s when the girls were enrolled into Bharatanatyam classes, with Deepa Ganesh Ji. They would attend classes 5-6 times a week, and after 3 months they did their first performance. They stayed under Deepa Ji for 12 years, until they enrolled in Company Fierce. Here, they learnt the styles of street, ballet and contemporary forms of dance. After years of training the girls performed across various stages together, and aligned their sync so impeccably. They fused Street, Bhangra, Classical Indian dance and Bollywood to create a style of their own.

As well as dancing the girls model for Nemesis Casting Agency and are currently studying at The University of Manchester. As much as dance is a big part of their lives, the girls are working towards becoming a Lawyer (Aashana) , and a Neuroscientist in the area of clinical and cognitive Psychology (Sonalia). Amongst their many talents, the girl’s ability to balance their lifestyle is what everyone seems to fall in love with.

The girls have been in the Bollywood industry for almost 5 years now. They started at the bottom just like everyone else, and worked their way right up. SonAash are different to other entertainments companies, in that being sisters who are only 10 months apart in age, means that they do not just meet up at a studio once a week and rehearse some routines to perform at upcoming events; they rehearse in their bedroom day and night. Aashana produces the music herself on her laptop, mixing and creating music customised to your event. Sonalia works behind the social media platforms and they both choreograph their own routines to create a true representation of their ability. Their costumes are designed and sewn by their mother Sangeetha, who of course is their manager/momager. Sangeetha takes all of the bookings and spends her life evolving SonAash to become better than they have ever been. So as an entertainments company, SonAash provide you with a family built enterprise.


‘our performances are our life and that’s what makes us different’.